Sea Lions

March 3, 2016 escapemaster 0

Lobos marinos, literally translated as “sea wolves,” are called sea lions in English. There are several species of sea lions. In South America they are […]

Elqui Valley

March 3, 2016 escapemaster 0

The Elqui Valley is known for its breathtaking scenery, clear skies, vineyards, orchards, and charming villages such as La Serena. Locate La Serena on a […]

Yassí Yateré

March 3, 2016 escapemaster 0

Myths and legends exist in nearly every culture. They are stories, often interwoven with fantastic characters or events that explain the way a culture sees […]

Iberian Lynx

January 25, 2016 escapemaster 0

The Iberian lynx is the most endangered of the world’s thirty-six species of cats. Archaeological findings from thousands of years ago indicate that the lynx […]